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BHC SR.N6 Mk6 - 1/12 scale

Lift and thrust motors differ from one model to the next. See specific model page for details.
Length60 in (1524 mm)
Width23 in (578 mm)
Height (power off)? in
Cushion area? sq ft
Perimeter? ft
Target weight? lb
Current weight? lb
Air gap? in
Air flow? cu ft / sec
Cushion pressure? lb / sq ft
Lift motorOne AXI 2826/12 brushless motor, driving a custom centrifugal fan
Lift power supplyOne 8 cell NiCd
Thrust motorsTwo Speed600 motors, each driving a 10x6 4-blade propeller
Thrust power supplyTwo 8 cell NiCd
Controls4 channels
- Rudder
- Elevator
- Thrust
- Lift