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BHC SR.N6 Mk6 - 1/12 scale

The BEASAC and SR.N6 Mk6C models both have fans driven by conventional brushed motors. The picture on the left shows the original configuration of the SR.N6 Mk6C model. This used a LightSpeed 600 driving a custom centrifugal fan through an MFA Olympus gearbox. The motor has been replaced with a Speed700, and the gearbox replaced with a custom belt arrangement.

The fans are built to scale, and are 7" in diameter. The picture on the right shows a custom fan built on an AXI 2826/12 motor. As this brushless motor has high torque and runs slower than a brushed motor, there is no need for a gearbox. This model will hover on a smooth surface with the motor consuming 30 Watts. This arrangement is used on the fourth SR.N6 Mk6 that I built.

MFA Olympus gearbox.Direct drive fan.