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BHC SR.N6 Mk6 - 1/12 scale

Original configuration

This is the second model of the SR.N6 Mk6 that I built. This model was built in 1990 and initially had a bag skirt. Lift was provided by an RS540 motor driving a 3-blade 6x4 inch diameter propeller. Thrust was provided by two RS540 motors driving 2-blade 8x4 inch diameter propellers, mounted on standard propeller adapters.

Photo: Pat Lawrence
Alongside the full-size craft at the Hovercraft Museum.

Current configuration

In 2004 I modified the model, following lessons learned from the SR.N6 Mk6C model. The lift system was replaced by homemade centrifugal fan driven by a Speed 700 through a belt drive. The thrust motors were replaced by SpeedGear 500 motors driving 10x7 4-blade propellers. The simple bag skirt was replaced by a BHC-type bag and finger skirt.