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Introduction to Radio Control Hovercraft

By Kevin Jackson and Mark Porter

Introduction to RC HovercraftGerman version

For the first time, this comprehensive tutorial brings together all the information required to design and build a successful radio controlled Hovercraft model. The book introduces the construction of Hovercraft models and the concept of their operation. Written by two leading authorities in RC Hovercraft design, Kevin Jackson and Mark Porter take you through both the theoretical and practical aspects of the design and construction process.

Covering design, construction techniques, materials, motor selection, radio systems, electrical wiring and craft operation it addresses some of the common difficulties experienced by newcomers to RC Hovercraft. The book includes a detailed step by step guide to skirt design and assembly, and the process of lift fan design and construction.

Generously illustrated with photos, 3D cutaways, data tables and diagrams, the principles are explained in theory and shown at work on real models. Setup and operation of the finished model are discussed along with some of the unique challenges of controlling the craft.

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