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Griffon 2000TD - 1/10 scale


The instructions and diagrams on these pages will show you how to make a working, scale model of a hovercraft.

Construction notes

The appearance and performance of this working model will depend to a large extent on the care taken in building the model and the accuracy with which the parts are cut out.

Balsa parts should be cut with a sharp modelling knife, or a razor saw for thicker parts. A "Stanley" knife with a new blade is ideal for cutting the 0.8mm plywood. As always, safety must be considered when using knives, and when using glues and paints.

Material sizes area given in metric units, but in most cases imperial equivalents will be quite satisfactory. For example, 1/4" square balsa strip may be used in place of 6mm. Plywood may be sold as 1/32" thick, instead of 0.8mm.

Copyright notice

This plan may not be used for commercial use, nor reproduced in whole or in part without written permission of Mark Porter. All rights reserved.

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